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Ombrelle: A complete protection against Sunrays hazards

Ombrelle offers a wide spectrum of products to protect your delicate skin from harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) rays and ultraviolet B(UVB) rays. These rays penetrate skin and are found to be responsible for aging of skin. The product line of Ombrelleis developed with Canadian dermatologists after extensive research. It has been launched in 1990.Ombrelle has been recognized by Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) as a sun protection aid.

Ombrelle product range is developed with Canadian dermatologist. The skin care range is lightweight and has skin nourishing vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. The large products range suits all types of skin and complexion. Ombrelle offers an effectivefilter system for long lasting protection against UV rays.

Ombrelleprotects the damage that may otherwise caused by ultraviolet rays. UVA rays penetrate deep in the skin causing wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, premature aging, skin cancer. Sun protection factor (SPF) is mentioned in all our product range. It is a number indicating how long skin can be in the sun and maintain a low risk for sunburn. The higher the SPF number, the longer it protects a person from burning rays.

Ombrelle's entire range offers 'photostable' protection. It means that its ingredients does not degrade under sunlight and is effective under sunlight.  Various product range are Ombrelle lotion SPF 15, Ombrelle lotion SPF 30, Ombrelle lotion SPF 45, Ombrelle lotion SPF 60.

Ombrelle's wide spectrum of product range offers complete protection against harmful UVA rays. According to research UVA rays cause DNA damage to the cells deep within the skin. This layer of cells that regenerates the skin and the damage to the DNA of these cells may increase a person's risk of developing skin cancer.

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